General Rules

  • You must be at least 18 years old to attend.
  • In all matters, decisions by the organisers are final.
  • Violation of any rule could result in immediate removal from the event without a refund.
  • Pictures and videos will be taken during the event. By attending you waive all rights to pictures taken by others that might include you.

Costume Rules

  • No costume parts that contain real animal fur.
  • No glitter or body paint. These are likely to damage others’ costumes.
  • Keep costumes at “16” (CAT.2 / PG-13) level or below. We realise that this is a judgment call: We follow Eurofurence’s guidelines (see “Clothing and Decency”). Pup masks, rubber/vinyl/lycra, and harnesses are allowed as long as they don’t expose or accentuate genitalia or buttocks. Otterdance isn’t a fetish event: Ask ahead of time if your costume is “on the edge”.
  • Entry to the “Headless Lounge” is for fursuiters only (with up to one assistant).
  • Camera/recording devices may not be used in the “Headless Lounge”.

Touch Rules

  • Upon entry, attendees will be offered a choice of wristbands to show their attitude toward touch.
    • Red: Do not touch at all. Do not ask to touch.
    • Yellow: Ask and get an explicit “yes” before touching. If you don’t get a “yes”, do not ask again during the event.
    • Green: You may touch without asking, but must stop immediately if told.
  • If an attendee isn’t wearing a wristband, follow the rules for “Yellow” (ask and get consent before touching).
  • Touch includes all touch: hugs, petting, handshakes, everything. Failure to respect another’s wristband colour is cause for ejection.
  • Costumes are not consent.
  • Attendees may change their wristband colour if their mood changes. Always follow the rules for the current colour.

Behaviour Rules

  • Keep displays of affection at “16” (CAT.2 / PG-13) level or below.
  • Give costumers lots of room. They might have limited vision and hard-to-control parts (such as tails).
  • Don’t approach or dance near costumers while carrying food or drink. Put it down first.
  • Don’t dance “wild” or lift anyone else off the ground.