Artists’ Alley

Little Ruby Rue

Little Ruby Rue is a Dutch illustrator and animator who loves creating vibrant, cute art! You can find a selection of Buttons, pins, prints, keychains, and mugs at this stand, and Commissions can also be requested.


Lyle (Also known as Spooky_Lyle, portfolio / Instagram) is a 22-year-old artist based in Rotterdam. His art is full of fun creatures and dragons, and he loves using bold colours and textures to bring their stories to life. Whether it’s traditional or digital, his art is always full of energy and imagination.

Nightmarez Studios

Nightmarez Studios (website / Instagram) is a young fursuit maker who loves to make creepy big-grinned fursuits. Sometimes they make some cuter projects too. They provide all different kinds of fursuit accessoires, care materials, fursuit parts and maybe even a premade!


Sultry soft satyrs drag you to this artist (website / Instagram) who promises artwork that celebrates good friendships and good tidings! On-site button commissions available, or with delivery after the event. (DM them on instagram to pre-order.)


Joghurtart (portfolio / Instagram) is a passionate illustrator from the city of Amsterdam. Drawing fantasy, animals and nature is her jam! At her booth you can buy a selection of things; fanart prints of your favorite cartoons, original prints, and stickers, as well as commissions.